It all began initially as a two man endeavor which started with brothers Shawn & Patrick Paris.

It wasn't until February 28th, of 2015, that Free Dominion Studios, LLC. was actually registered and created. Since then FDS has made every effort to develop and deliver great games. FDS has been very fortunate to have had a group of highly motivated developers throughout it's first few years. The diverse group of people that have helped create the projects we work on have provided FDS with the ability to succeed. It's our pleasure to introduce Pixel Trip to the world. We've enjoyed building it and now we hope everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy it with us. 

Thank you, from everyone on the Free Dominion Studios Team.

About Us

An Independent Studio

Our Motto: 

"Freedom to Imagine, Create, & Deliver."

We have a passion for making games and we want to retain our creative rights to pursue our own endeavors. 

Free Dominion Studios allows us to do that.

All About The Games

Our Priority:


We have plans for multiple titles in the future and don't intend to stop making games anytime soon.

In the meantime check out our latest title Pixel Trip below.

Focused On The Team

Our Team:

"The Free Dominion Studios Family.

Free Dominion has consistently kept a core group of designers, developers, producers, and artists. 

Our intentions are to build and maintain a team that is more family than colleagues.

The Team

Patrick Paris

  • Role: Chief Technology Officer
  • Started: February of 2015

Shawn Paris

  • Role: Chief Executive Officer
  • Started: February of 2015

Wyatt Paris

  • Role: Chief Financial Officer
  • Started: February of 2015

Jim Merrell

  • Role: Producer
  • Started: April of 2015

Kent Davis

  • Role: Art Director
  • Started: April of 2015

Keith Webster

  • Role: Gameplay Designer
  • Started: July of 2015

Robert Martinez

  • Role: Design Producer
  • Started: October of 2015

Jack Gillette

  • Role: Lead Programmer
  • Started: October of 2015

Shawn Carpenter

  • Role: Audio Producer
  • Started: October of 2015

Vikram Moparthy

  • Role: Lead Producer
  • Started: November of 2015

Zach Lyle

  • Role: Lead Artist
  • Started: January of 2016

Theresa Washington

  • Role: Gameplay Programmer
  • Started: March of 2016

Chanse Tipton

  • Role: Gameplay Programmer
  • Started: March of 2016

Chen Lu

  • Role: Gameplay Programmer
  • Started: November of 2016